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Consumption of alcohol and drugs is one of the most problems in society. It leads to accidents that involve loss of property and even deaths. A person is considered innocent in DUI or driving under the influence until proven guilty. If guilty, there can be several outcomes, just like that of a common culprit. With a penalty paid, it can also lead to severe circumstances beyond imagination.

The aftermath of DUI

Drinking under the influence involves alcohol or drugs. Once caught in any accidents, several DUI charges can take place as per the law. They are:

  •  A sentence to jail for a minimum of 6 months is a charge by the law. The damage the accused has caused is the determiner in the duration of the sentence. Besides, one is also liable to pay hefty fines. 
  • The first sentence against a person can make them lose the privileges and the driving license for some time. 
  • The young offenders can cause even more troubles. They would end up losing their license for a year, along with the charges applicable to minors. 
  • Drivers of school, university, and office vehicles may end up losing their employment along with the penalties.  

The legal actions under DUI charges can vary from state to state. The punishment can vary as per the property and bodily damages one has caused. DUI is not just an offense but has several outcomes for an individual. Bring clean while driving can help a person to save and protect themselves from sudden and uncertain damages and untimely death. 


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