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What Are Common Car Accident Injuries?

Car accidents are some of the most common causes of injuries on the road. They bring along with them minor and extreme injuries, and even death depending upon the force of the accident. It also depends on different factors if a person is wearing seatbelt, direction, and impact on the vehicle ( front, rear, side), speed and time of the crash, airbags, and much more. Despite everything, some common types of injuries occur when in a car accident. The types of car accident injuries are the following:

  • Soft tissue injuries are injuries that involve tissue damages like muscle, tendon, and ligament tear. They often cause mid-spine injury and sprains. 
  • Scrapes and cuts are often due to the objects inside of the vehicle when the accidents take place. They accompany bleeding. 
  • The head, spinal cord, and chest injuries are often a result of severe injuries and can lead to blackouts, lack of consciousness, and even paralysis. 
  • Arm and leg injuries involve cuts, bruises, sprains to a person, and also can lead to knee and other bone injuries.
  • Although less common, if the accidents are severe, they can lead to extreme injuries and can cause death. 

Most of the injuries are unpreventable when in an accident, but one can reduce the impact of these accidents by abiding by the law and using precautionary equipment. With several accidents taking place, it is a must for every individual to think upon and take their safety in hands. One cannot prevent or predict the future, but can potentially reduce the impacts. 

Do I Have to Call the Police?

Accidents take place almost every day with someone, or the other gets damage. The type of injury varies from minor to severe depending upon the accident type, force, direction, impact, and much more. Reporting the incident can help a person to create an official and a legal draft of the accident. Reporting an accident can be essential due to several reasons. The reason to call police at the scene of an accident are the following:

  • It helps to have a record of the number of accidents taking place in a city or a specific region. 
  • It helps to create an official report and helps them to get the details of the accidents and the damage caused. 
  • They might not indicate the fault of a person, but calling police would help them to talk to the witness, driver, and other people around the space. 
  • It helps to create a report of the injuries and damages that occurs. It can be helpful for a person to claim for the damages via insurance. 
  • Calling police is a compulsory reaction to an accident in several states. If the injuries are minor, the victim should call the police else any witness is viable to call and inform them about the accident. 

Police are always ready to help citizens with different things. Calling police after the accident is also dependable on the severity of the accident. Reporting a crime can help with legal registration about details of a person, including claims. As a responsible citizen, it also helps with making a space better to live. 

Do I Have to See a Doctor After a Car Accident?

Car accidents often come with injuries. These injuries can be visible on the skin or can be invisible. Visiting a doctor is a personal choice if the person has no appearance of bruise, cuts, pain, or other signs of damages. It helps with knowing about the injuries but also alert a person of their state of health. Visiting a doctor can be of great importance and can help with the following:

  • It can help to identify hidden injuries and damages that an accident might have caused. Some injuries like concussions do not show signs for a few days or weeks. 
  • The minor injuries and other scars that the accident might have caused get treated, and a person gets to have a meticulous record and seek medications if needed. 
  • The damage with a medical certification from the doctor is a piece of essential evidence during the settlement negotiations. 
  • Getting to know about the injuries that occur in an accident help with getting claims for medical treatments if a person is in need. 
  • Knowing about the personal injuries, and the seriousness of it can help a person track the health of the damage. If it does not heal, one can seek medical help. 

Visiting a doctor is a personal choice, and no one can force a person for it. But looking at the brighter end, they bring along several benefits for a person and give them a chance to make amendments to keep their health on track. Health is one of the most valuable assets a person has, and therefore, should always be secured. 

What Are Common Causes of Car Accidents?

With everyone going to buying a car, car accidents have increased over time. With several reasons that lead to accidents, some leading causes give rise to accidents that cause minor to severe damage to life and property, and even death. The most advance cause of accidents are the following:

  • Distracted driving: It involves the use of mobile phone texting, phone calls, etc. These distractions take away the attention of the driver from the road that can lead to accidents. 
  • Driver fatigue: Continous driving can lead to fatigue. It can also be an effect of insomnia, extensive work, stress, and others. It can lead to drowsiness and can make a person sleep behind wheels, causing disasters. 
  • DIU (Driving under the influence): DUI is not just a punishable offense but is also a leading cause of accidents that can lead to severe consequences. It involves the consumption of alcohol and other drugs that deprive a person of a stable mental state.
  • Aggressive driving: Rash and reckless driving creates disturbance and give rise to accidents. They also occur due to a disturbed state of mind, like anger, grief, remorse, and others. It can also cause a failure to yield and cause a person to take impulsive turns, brake, and others. 

Most of the accidents occur due to human error and are a result of carelessness. Understanding the severity of accidents and creating awareness does not just help with reducing accident rates but also brings along with them better-guided citizens that value the life of a human and abide by the law. 

Do I Have to File a Lawsuit Right After My Accident?

Law entitles every person to express and seek justice when they want. Going for a legislative path is a personal choice and varies as per the damage and injury that an accident causes to a person. Seeking legal help can be efficient and can help a person get proper justice. The reasons why a person should go for filing a lawsuit are the following:

  •  It helps to register the accidents in the list of legal records. These help to gain information about the number of accidents taking place around the place. 
  • It helps to get the details about the actual incident and provide details about the real culprit and help a person seek justice.
  • It helps a person to get a legal stand and help with the claims of insurance of the vehicle and medical expenses. Providing a piece of legislative evidence can help make the process simpler. 
  • Filing a complaint can make the negotiations easier. By bringing the law into the window, and the pieces of evidence and witness, it can help with finding the guilty and punish them with what they are to pay. 

Filing a lawsuit and the applicability of it is limited to a specific period. The period of exhaustion of filing a lawsuit varies differently as per the state and country laws. Going with the law secures a person and also makes them play the role that an ideal citizen is entitled to and applicable. Therefore, every person should go for filing a lawsuit after their injuries heal, and they get back to a stable state.


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